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Ash Wood Lid


$ 18.00

Approximately 3.5" diameter and 0.75" tall

Ash wood

This lid fits perfectly on top of Hasami's matching Sugar Bowls, Creamers, and Mugs. Alternatively, use it as a coaster or to store jewelry and other small goods.
All Hasami pieces are modular and stack neatly for easy storage.
Colors will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Hand wash with non-abrasive sponge is recommended

Hasami Porcelain is made in Hasami, Japan, where porcelain has been made for 400 years. Inspired by traditional Japanese tiered lunch boxes, each piece is easy to stack or repurpose. Takuhiro Shinomoto began Hasami Porcelain with visions of creating modern, universal tableware adapted from these traditions. Some pieces are left unglazed and are fired at high temperatures for long amounts of time, resulting in a unique organic texture and a resistance to staining. Hasami pieces are simple, versatile, long-lasting.

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