SHW fine jewelry is visibly delicate yet surprisingly durable. Our pieces are designed to be worn every day and for many years to come. However, to get the most out of your SHW necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, we recommend removing your pieces when engaging in the following practices:

Any strenuous activities like moving heavy objects or working out. This can put a lot of pressure on your rings and bend them out of shape. If your ring has stones set, this might result in them falling out.

Before applying lotions or perfumes. Especially important for sterling silver, opals, and pearls. Some elements used in these products can react with metals other than gold or platinum and delicate stones, causing discoloration. Lotions and other cosmetics can get trapped around the stone settings, attracting extra dust. This might affect the way the stones look and make them a little harder to clean over time.

Cleaning. Many cleaning solutions use harsh chemicals that can be damaging to metals and to stones.

Swimming. In addition to chlorine being hard on metals, swimming can make our fingers shrink up to 1.5 sizes, causing rings to slip off.

Showering. Some water is treated with chemicals and can damage metals over time.

Cooking, baking, or doing dishes.

Gardening, painting, throwing ceramics or any other activities that involve working with our hands.

We recommend investing in an all-natural soft bristle toothbrush specifically designated to clean your jewelry. Every six months, boil a small pot of water, add mild, natural soap, let it cool, and soak your jewelry for 5-10 minutes. Lightly brush over your setting and rinse. This should remove any significant debris in your piece. If your silver jewelry tarnishes or you would like to have any scratches removed, please email a picture to

Care for your engagement ring

In addition to the practices listed above, we recommend bringing your ring back to the SHW storefront every 2-3 years to have it cleaned, polished, and inspected for loose stones. If you are unable to make it back to SHW, please email us for recommendations in your area.

During the first year of owning your piece, we will cover all repair costs under $200. We reserve the right to refuse complimentary repairs if we feel due diligence was not done to follow our Jewelry Care Guide. Please always email us at before shipping or bringing your piece to our East Village location. Please also include a picture, the name it was purchased under, and if it needs to be repaired, resized, or cleaned.