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The SH Wedding collection is designed to celebrate you and your beloved. We welcome you to select one of our existing wedding bands and diamond rings. Each solitaire ring design is set in a variety of size and quality diamonds, guaranteeing a range of price-points. Customers are invited to customize their ring by selecting their preferred setting design and solitaire diamond based on their color, clarity, cut and carat specifications. Most of our ring frames can be altered for a different diamond shape or heirloom stone. Our wedding bands can be made in a range of widths and heights, as well as customized profiles. Please email us at for a consultation or to set up your initial meeting. We ask that you include your timeline, budget, and material preferences so we can better assist you.

During your first meeting, you will meet with a certified gemologist, either in person or via video conference. The process is intimate and educational as we enjoy discussing material sourcing and stone integrity. Together a plan will be formed that best suits you, your material preferences and your budget. Meetings can be scheduled via email, phone, or in person. The initial meeting typically takes one hour. We kindly ask that you review our SH Wedding Collection, Materials, and Diamond Guide & Terms before the meeting.

From the time you select your stone, material, and setting preferences, we ask for 2-4 weeks to complete your custom piece.

Please allow for a 30-minute consultation during pick-up. It is at this time that you will have the option to loupe your ring and learn more about your specific stone, its GIA and Canadamark certifications, care instructions, warranty and insurance. We are happy to schedule a follow up meeting with you and your partner to go over this information at a later date.

Further questions? Please reach out to us via email at We would love to hear your story and answer any questions.