Subtle, simple, and clean, glass vases are the perfect way to add an element of quiet surprise to any space. Whether at home in your living room, by your bedside table, in your office, or even on your kitchen counters, you can style them in many different arrangements to get the right look for you. They are versatile and timeless, allowing you to enjoy their translucent and crystal-clear beauty for years to come.

Our selection of glass vase decor is minimal yet thoughtful, always coming from master glass blowers with attentiveness to detail and an eye for good design. Our artists include Nate Cotterman, Gary Bodker, Toyo Sasaki, and Sugahara, whose pieces range in size, shape, and color, from tall and large glass vases to ones that are rich in amber and moss green tones. These makers are based across the United States and in Japan, and are all dedicated to using the highest quality and ethically sourced material for their one-of-a-kind formations—the expression of human touch always noticeable.

Glass vases are functional, practical, and their translucency adds lightness. You can cluster a group of them, with varying sizes and shapes, together to display on a table or credenza. You can also tuck a few away on your shelves, by stacking them on top of books or highlighting them on their own. Another possibility is using them as glass flower vases, whether they have a wide or narrow opening you can present an entire bouquet or just a single stem. Leafy plants like eucalyptus or dried flower buds work well in tall glass vases as well.

An additional perk of glass is that it is an easy material to maintain, though of course it is important to be mindful and delicate with it. We recommend using warm water with a gentle soap to clean when needed.