Hand-crafted and beautifully designed, our well-considered collection of incense sticks has something for everyone. From palo santo wood to compressed pinõn cones, our variety of earthy fragrances are from around the world.
Build your own unique set by choosing an incense type, a holder, and a tray to catch ashes. Whether in your living room or by your bedside table, you can use them to freshen up your space and invite peaceful scents of nature indoors. Lighting incense is a perfect opportunity to begin a daily ritual for yourself and home. 

Our selection of incense sticks is minimal yet thoughtful, always coming from highly skilled artists with attentiveness to detail and an eye for good design. Our makers include Fredericks & Mae, Hasami Porcelain, and Norden, whose pieces range in size, shape, and color. These makers are based in the United States and Japan. They’re always dedicated to using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials for their unique formations, such as palo santo wood, cedar wood, pinõn, sage, aloeswood, sandalwood, and others. Learn more about our collection of designers.

Incense sticks are simple, aesthetically pleasing, and add a sense of calm to any setting. They make a perfect gift to yourself and to others, encouraging you to pause and take a moment to unwind. For a beautiful set, you can pair incense with any one of our incense holders or matches. Our collection has many different options from handmade ceramic bowls to delicate glass ones in a variety of colors from artists like Workaday Handmade, MONDAYS, Hudson Beach Glass, and more. If you are looking for additional options, you can browse all our interior goods for inspiration.

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