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Squiggle Bowl

Andrew Molleur

$ 130.00

8" diameter and 3.25" tall


Inlaid shapes made with different colors of specially developed porcelain slip are placed asymmetrically around this slip-cast bowl. The inside is glossy with a coat of clear glaze, while the exterior remains matte. Use it as a fruit bowl or to serve a meal. Food safe.

Pair with the matching Half Moon Bowl.

Slip casting is a process where liquid clay (known as slip) is poured into a plaster mold. As it dries the slip near the interior walls of the mold starts to harden first. The mold is flipped over once the desired thickness is achieved so that the excess slip can drain. This creates a hollow cast of the interior cavity of the mold.

Andrew Molleur is a Kingston, NY-based ceramicist who uses traditional and modern techniques to design and produce his functional ceramic pieces. Andrew studied design, ceramics, and architecture at RISD, and his work is characterized by clean lines and geometric fragments. Each piece is glazed by hand using a variety of techniques (dripping, brushing, spraying).

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