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Labrodorite Studs

Melissa Joy Manning

$ 200.00

Labradorite stones are approximately 0.4” tall and 0.25” wide

Labradorite and 14k gold or sterling silver

These labradorite studs are set in hand-built 14k gold or silver prongs.

Labradorite appears to change color in different areas as the angle that light illuminates it from changes, a phenomenon called “labradorescence.” These slightly translucent grey stones have a green, blue, and sometimes pink labradorescence. The labradorescence is enhanced by the facets on these stones.

Melissa Joy Manning’s designs embrace the organic qualities of her materials and are made with a commitment to environmental and ethical responsibility. Each piece is handmade in Northern California by an in-house team of skilled designers using recycled metals and ethically sourced semi-precious stones.

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