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Blue Opal Studs

Melissa Joy Manning

$ 163.00

Opals are approximately 6mm wide and 3mm thick

Opals and 14k gold

These delicate opals are set in hand-built 14k gold prongs.

These opals are doublets, meaning they are made from a layer of precious opal with a dark backing. Areas of a precious opal appear to change color as the angle they are lit from changes—a phenomenon called “play of color.” The subtle play of color in these opals (which stands out against their darker backing) range from purple to turquoise.

Each stone is one-of-a-kind so slight variations will occur from pair to pair.

Made in California.

Opals are delicate and may chip if dropped on a hard surface.

Melissa Joy Manning’s designs embrace the organic qualities of her materials and are made with a commitment to environmental and ethical responsibility. Each piece is handmade in Northern California by an in-house team of skilled designers using recycled metals and ethically sourced semi-precious stones.

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