Blue Spike Bowl Incense Set

Gift Set

$ 45.00

For the ones who need a bit more calmness in their lives. Light incense, blow out as soon as it ignites, and let the peaceful scent do the work.

Glass, brass, and sandalwood

Bowl height is 1.25” and diameter is 3”
Sphere diameter is 0.6”
Incense length is 3”

Bowl is cast and sandblasted for matte and smooth surface
Incense holder comes with sphere and circular base for it to rest in
24 incense sticks come per glass tube and burn for about 20 minutes each 
Bowl is made in Beacon, NY and incense holder and incense are made in Japan

Bowl is dishwasher safe. To keep the finish slightly translucent, rub with a small amount of food grade mineral oil.
Incense holder may develop natural patina over time. Gently rub with a light scouring pad to bring brass objects back to their original shine. Keep dry.

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